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Stairs Craned in at Seaford College

Last weekend, on site, much excitement was afoot as the stairs to the extension of the Johnson Centre Sports Hall at Seaford College were delivered and carefully lifted into place.


This involved the temporary road closure of Norwood Lane South to accommodate the 100-tonne crane to manoeuvre safely into position and extend its legs to 7.8m in order to make the heavy lift.


Looking ahead, this week the brick and block works will commence to create the external walls along with the installation of the 2nd metal deck flooring.  Following this the roofing and cladding works will begin.  


Working in collaboration with Baqus, HNW Architects, Campbell Reith and Cooper Homewood, MCS is constructing an extension to the existing Johnson Centre Sports hall to provide six new classrooms, a ‘state of the art’ weight training facility and office with ancillary storage spaces, accessible platform lift and external works.


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