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Ad Alta At Seaford College

Rapid progress has been achieved over the last few weeks at Seaford College, culminating in the final lifting of the structural steels last week, ahead of the students return for the start of their Autumn Term.

During this period the project has seen the delivery of 120 lengths of structural steel delivered by lorries which were safely banked through the school. The steels were then received by a crane which carefully and smoothly lifted the steels into position in a logical sequence and the pieces were then connected, lined and levelled.

Speaking of this milestone, Greg Burt, Director of Estates & Operations at Seaford College said: “I wanted to pass on my thanks and praise for all your efforts in completing the steel works before school returned yesterday. Not an easy task by any means made even more interesting with the unforeseen works encountered and addressed.”

“Well done all and on behalf of the school many thanks indeed.”

Working in collaboration with Baqus, HNW Architects, Campbell Reith and Cooper Homewood, MCS is constructing an extension to the existing Johnson Centre Sports hall to provide six new classrooms, a ‘state of the art’ weight training facility and office with ancillary storage spaces, accessible platform lift and external works.

The project also includes forming the foundations for, and overseeing the installation of, 3 temporary classroom units.


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