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Kings International College

Camberley, Surrey

Contract Value


Contract Admnistrator

Surrey County Council


Surrey County Council

Contract Duration

7 weeks



Project Description

MCS was appointed on a fast-track programme to carry out extensive external refurbishment works to Kings International School in Camberley, whilst the school was fully operational.

The works involved the complete refurbishment of the school’s roof, placement glazing/doors and resurfacing works.

The roof was leaking and had very limited thermal properties; so MCS set about with the careful insulation process with timber board and overlaid with Garlands StressPly Flex plus. The new roof today provides the school with a robust and insulated roof with a 25-year guarantee.

The windows were replaced as the existing window kerb for the roof was causing water ingress. To remedy this the window sizes were reduced to allow a new roofing kerb to be installed to comply with current building regulations and eliminate the water ingress issue.

A new ceiling was installed to the school’s canteen replacing exposed and tired insulation panels. The new lay in grid ceiling fitted with new lights gives the schools canteen a more modern and fresh look.

In addition to these works the heating system within the sports hall was not working. This was repaired and new ventilation units were installed to both ends of the sports hall.

Whilst on site we also completed a considerable amount of retarmacking of the roads throughout the school and car park.

There were protected tree’s on the outside of the school’s ground, therefore additional careful works were required to protect the root structures. These works included the application of Cellweb®TRP areas, for enhanced tree root protection, and new ACO drains. Once completed all new white lining was applied to replace the existing lines and in accordance with the school’s requirements.

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