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Hinchley Wood School

Esher, Surrey

Contract Value

£1.5 million

Contract Admnistrator

Robinson White Partnership


MEB Design Ltd

Contract Duration

32 weeks



Project Description

Works comprised of the D&B of a new Sixth Form Centre at the school.

This was the third negotiated project completed at the school and the second on a D&B basis. We fully engaged with the school and key stakeholders from a very early stage when the school asked for our input on the feasibility of the scheme both from a logistical, structural and budgetary perspective. We then worked with them through all the stages from feasibility, planning, team appointments, design, costing and construction through to completion, closely managing all stages of the project and reporting back to the school and their appointed employer’s agent at regular intervals.

​The scheme evolved in accordance with the schools design requirements, closely monitored cost plan and open book processes. The school and MCS enjoyed very close collaborative working, involving and engaging with all aspects of the overall process and interaction with the design team so they could fully understand the detail, risks and relevant procedures applicable to the project.

All the costing where undertaken on a fully transparent 'open book' basis within the pre-agreed competitive additions for fixed preliminary costs and contractors overheads & profit.

​A realistic design and construction programme was prepared by MCS at a very early stage to suit the projects requirements and stipulated time restrictions, such that the heavy steel frame being erected on the roof whilst the school was closed for holidays.

​The handover was completed successfully and the school have operated the new facilities very well. We attended the official opening and all the school were very complimentary about the new facilities and the service we provided.

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