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Hazelwood School

Oxted, Surrey

Contract Value

£4 million

Contract Admnistrator

Goodrich Consulting LLP


HSSP Architects

Contract Duration

60 weeks



Project Description

​MCS were awarded this D&B contract to demolish a range of old timber framed classroom units and construct a three storey new teaching block and auditorium with a gross floor area of approximately 25,000sqf.

​The site was situated within the main school grounds and adjacent the old main school building. Special care was required to provide timed deliveries to site and traffic marshalling through the existing school car park and access road, which was closed to school traffic during off peak times.

​MCS worked collaboratively with the school and board of Governors to maintain high safeguarding controls and measures throughout the 60 week programme, with zero incidents.

​The new structure comprised the removal of a large volume of excavated material as the new building was constructed into the side of a sloping site. Contiguous piles were installed as temporary works to retain the five metre high excavated bank face and a waterproof basement shell was constructed with mass concrete raft foundations, with over a 1000 cubic metres of concrete in the foundations alone.

​After some value engineering MCS opted to use a concrete frame for the superstructure with a steel frame at roof level to form the curved roof profile. The concrete frame offered better overall acoustic and thermal qualities for the building.​

MCS were recommended to Hazelwood School by Danes Hill School following a successfully thir new Dining Hall and teaching block.

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