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Gordons School

Woking, Surrey

Contract Value

£1.1 million

Contract Admnistrator

Synergy CPC LLP


Miller Bourne Architects

Contract Duration

23 weeks



Project Description

This project, awarded to us via a two stage negotiation, involved site preparation and demolition works to make way for a new sport pavilion, new maintenance store, teaching block alterations and a boarding house extension.

​During the negotiations additional works were instructed to refurbish and alter the main dining hall servery and a small kitchen block extension.

​Due to the various projects being carried out in differing parts of the school, MCS set up a centralised compound and welfare facility for the duration of the works which were carried out over the school summer holidays through to the autumn.

​Following the very successful completion of these works, MCS has delivered subsequent small works for the school on a nogotiated basis.

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