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35-53 Britannia Row

London, N1

Contract Value

Client Confidential

Contract Admnistrator

Synergy LLP


Markwick Architects

Contract Duration



Project Description

To design and construct new offices and photographic studios for fashion retailer Boohoo Group Plc in Britannia Row, Islington, London N1.

Working in collaboration with ProMission Ltd, Markwick Architects, CTP Consulting and QED (Consulting Engineers) Ltd, MCS has been appointed to carry out the extensive reconfiguration and refurbishment of a historic building, most recently owned and used as Pink Floyd’s recording studio in the 1970’s and then operated as a serviced office.

The two-storey 2,800sqm building will benefit from: extensions to the building including walls, floors, roofs and new fire escape staircases and cores; re-roofing for the existing building and installation of new timber floors and the repair and adaption of the existing structural ground floor slab, construction of new passenger and goods lifts, installation of new thermally insulated wall linings, decorations, new MEP and FF&E throughout.

Once complete the finished building will provide brand new state of the art studio space for the global fashion groups in house studio teams.

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