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Work Experience Feedback

It was such a pleasure to have: Giles, Jacob, Pedro and Joshua at our head office and on our sites from Salesian School, Chertsey last week to enjoy a whole week of work experience with us. All demonstrated politeness, punctuality, enthusiasm and a clear ability to understand complex systems and processes

One of the students wrote a short piece about his perception of the industry before joining MCS, and what he actually learnt during the week:

“Prior to my arrival to MCS, construction had always been viewed, to me, as the common stereotypes thrown about in day-to-day life. From ‘not being able to dress appropriately’ to ‘working unskilled labour as uneducated people’, we all blatantly disregard all the challenges and difficulties that are faced by such companies as we speak.

“Furthermore, these said companies, are perceived as being very ‘caveman’ as the male to female ratio is clearly dominated; only making the construction industries case worse-off for them.

“Now settling into the ‘MCS lifestyle’, it is clear that all these irrational stereotypes do not apply. There may be more men in this industry, however, some of the most important and ‘nitty gritty work’ is conducted by women. As for education, all the interactions I’ve had with those in the workplace have been very informative and for the most part – work related, which only goes to show the persistence, passion and dedication they have towards their company.”

We want to change that perception and are passionate about nurturing the talent of tomorrow, so we welcome work experience placements from local schools and also participate at Careers Fairs throughout the South East.

If you know of a student who would like to apply for work experience with MCS, please see our careers page on our website:


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