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Steel Lift At Fullbrook School

MCS is delighted that there has been swift progress over the last few weeks at Fullbrook School’s new 6th form extension, culminating in the final lifting of the structural steels this week.

Over the past few days the project has seen the delivery of 35 tonnes of structural steel delivered by lorries which were safely banked through the live school. The steels were then received by a crane which carefully and smoothly lifted the steels into position in a logical sequence and the pieces were then connected, lined and levelled.

The new eye-catching two-storey steel framed extension to an existing 6th form block will increase capacity from 180 to 250 students.

Works will involve the installation of all services to the new building which will contain a common room, study rooms, offices, kitchen and lift. Adaptations to the existing sixth form building will be made to safely break through to the new sixth form block, followed by careful refurbishment works and external hard and soft landscaping.

These works are being delivered in collaboration with: MEA (Michael Edwards Consultants Ltd), Lytle Associates Architects, Construction Design Partnership and Pope Consulting Ltd.


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