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Glenthorne High School is Completed

We are delighted to have completed the marvellous Queen Elizabeth II Building at Glenthorne High School, Sutton, Surrey.

Working in collaboration with, Plan A Architects, Isosceles and Scott White Hookins, MCS has completed the new 340m2, low carbon, single-storey bulge class and 6th Form Centre incorporating additional teaching and study space, whilst also providing much-needed welfare facilities and a café to supplement the school’s main dining room.

The new building, which includes predominately low-carbon natural materials creates a very comfortable internal environment with natural light, balanced acoustics and high standards of air-quality.

The building features natural hemp in pre-formed blocks into the wall structure, as well as lime-plaster, wood-wool panels, birch-faced plywood and a sedum-planted roof. This combination balances U-values, air-tightness and thermal mass to modulate the internal environment throughout the year.

Interior materials include lime plaster painted with Keim mineral paint, birch-faced plywood and wood-wool boards to create a sophisticated and calming natural space.

We are delighted to see that now, more than ever, clients are seeking to create sustainable buildings that minimise energy and water consumption to combat climate change.

Justin Whiteman, Managing Director, said; “Hempcrete was a completely new material and process for us that definitely presented some interesting challenges on site; however with the advice and collaboration of Plan A these challenges were swiftly managed and addressed extremely well by our site team. Their collective efforts have been rewarded by this fantastic building for our future generations - creating excellent learning environments in which pupils will thrive.

“I would like to thank Architect Plan A, for designing this marvellous building, Isoceles, Scott White Hookins and of course our wonderful construction team including Ryan Price, Paul Gurney, Peter Greenaway and all our subcontractors and suppliers.


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