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Encouraging Talent Into Construction

MCS recognises that there is a shortage of labour in the construction industry, which is likely to remain, until we as a market sector, raise students' awareness of the huge range of exciting career opportunities which exist within the sector.

We are passionate about nurturing the talent of tomorrow, so we welcome applications from students who want to learn more about the construction industry and the variety of opportunities available, including: Project Management, Construction Management, Quantity Surveying, Design Management or Estimating.

Last week we welcomed Ben Green to MCS for a whole week. Ben is in his first year at Woking College and is very interested in engineering. Speaking about his time with MCS he said: “Overall, I have found my experience for the week to have been very fulfilling and enjoyable. The guys at MCS have made a great effort to include me in what they are doing, whether it’s taking me to a site meeting or going out of their way to organise a site visit. This has given me a great idea of what the building industry is like even though I have only scratched the surface of it, and all of their efforts are greatly appreciated.”

If you know of a student who would like to apply for work experience with MCS, please see our careers page on our website:


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