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Embracing the Circular Economy

At MCS we believe materials are retained in use at their highest value for as long as possible and are then reused or recycled, leaving a minimum of residual waste. We consider this at every stage of the construction process including the design, build, operation and deconstruction stages.

Earlier this week we were delighted to welcome our local Community Wood Recycling charity to our project at Woking College to collect the waste pallet timber and turn it into garden furniture, ornaments and planters for reuse.

Construction Director, Justin Whiteman, said: “A circular economy stands in stark contrast to the historic linear system, where materials are mined, manufactured, used and thrown away. The ‘Take, Make, Dispose’ model has fuelled rapid growth but is inherently unsustainable in the long term where resources are finite.

“The need to slow climate change is critical to us all and it would be a serious and painful mistake if we failed to address tomorrow’s problem today.”


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