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Discovery At Old Woking Community Centre

When we get to work on a building project, we never quite know what we might find. While what lies under a building, or behind its walls, is often just debris, sometimes treasure and interesting artefacts are waiting to be discovered; as we discovered this week on our project at the Old Woking Community Centre.

Whilst working ‘under the stage’ of the old community centre we discovered a single page from the Herald & News dated Friday 26th November 1971. In it, excitingly, it describes Woking’s ‘new town plan’; opening of a £70,000 block of flats at Onslow Place by Woking MP, Cranley Onslow; a Tesco advert selling ladies tweed woollen jumpers for £1.75; and much more.

This precious piece of Woking’s history will be carefully preserved by us until a new permanent home can be found where local resident’s can view this moment in time.


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