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Celebrating 40 Years of Construction

#Throwbackthursday - 2002 - 1 Sekforde Street, London EC1

Working on behalf of rock legend, Nick Mason of Pink Floyd, MCS was appointed to refurbish a Victorian building in Clerkenwell.

The Pink Floyd drummer spent five years training to be an architect before joining the famous band and throughout this time design had always remained one of his passions. Together with fellow Pink Floyd member Richard Wright the duo set about looking for unusual buildings to convert into offices.

During early 2000 they identified and procured a listed Victorian factory located at 1 Sekforde Street in Clerkenwell and instructed MCS to set about refurbishing the 25,000 sq.ft. building, set over 4 floors, into high quality office space with the top floor dedicated to the offices of Pink Floyd.

Key to the design was to create laid-back office spaces in a clubby environment where like-minded creatives could collaborate in an environment with high quality and personal service. The style and ambience of the premises was much the same as a boutique hotel, right down to mini-bars in each office suite.


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